About Us

The International Movement of Change is an organisation that seeks to develop social entrepreneurs who observe social ills; (poverty, crime, lack of education, etc), that create social problems which need to be changed, and to create that change, using social ventures to mitigate these challenges.

How Do We do This?

Through our Social Entrepreneurship Program we create a space where we develop ideas through our incubator system, catalyses thought processes through innovative discussions and build businesses via our Social Entrepreneurship Start-up from ground up.

Our main goal is to develop/train youth, between the ages of 16 – 35 years, to become future Social Entrepreneurs, Role models and Community activists by involving them in Community Action Projects (CAPs) and In-House Training courses. This experience will prepare them to:

(a) develop and assume leadership roles within their own Community Action Projects (CAPs), in order to benefit underprivileged people within their communities.
(b) contribute on a wider scale by working on Regional Action Projects and Global Action Projects and even represent Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean by attending British Council/Global Change maker summits.