USC & IMC Campus Food Drive

The Gnostai and Associated Members Missionary Arm (GAMMA) is working along with International Movement for Change (IMC) to help students residing on campus as well as some renting off campus. They are hoping to collect nonperishable food items to help our fellow colleagues :) Cans can be placed in the barrel located in the Admin Cafe .1 can, 2 can.....let's ALL give a can
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One Young World

One Young World Project- Trinidad Representation
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Know IT and Change IT

Why inequality? According to the first ever Human Development Report for Latin America and the Caribbean, ours is the most unequal region in the world. 10 of the 15 countries with the highest levels of inequality are in the region. This helps us to understand why the development agenda for us is different than in other continents. Experts say that “the region has moved forward in social policies like education, but the growing of inequality would stop this tendency for the next years”.
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