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MAC Project

On Sunday July 5th, 2015, the Youth Department  in collaboration with IMC and Youth Community Services of the South Caribbean Conference will host a march called The MAC Project throughout the streets of the Central Region commencing at the Enterprise SDA Church. The Morality Chastity Abstinence (MAC) Project's objective is to call young people back to moral awareness and to have Them commit to practicing healthier lifestyle. What do you stand for?

 WE are taking a stand for:
M -Morality
C- Chastity 
Join the International Movement for Change (IMC)  with full support of the Youth department of the South Caribbean Conference and the Enterprise Singles Ministries as we host The MAC Project 2015. Let us unite together,  marching  through the streets of  Enterprise.

JULY 05TH 2015

The objective of the (MAC) Project is to call young and old back to moral awareness and to commit to practicing a healthier lifestyle.😄

As we conclude this March,  There will be a grand Healthfair💉,  Sports👟, Zumba💃 and loads of games for family👪⚽🏀🏁,  friends,  supporters and our community members.  Look out for our Special Guests who will be passing through. 😲

What do you stand for?💭

We stand for: Morality, Abstinence💍 and Chastity 🙌

#IStand #YOUStand #WEStand
#MACProject #BeTheDifference #MakeADifference

IM4C Scholarship & Award Ceremony

A special occasion to commemorate the hard work done by IM4C members and also to award a fellow student of the University of the Southern Caribbean a scholarship funded by the IM4C to continue studies and further progress

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